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SBM-Employees is the recommended wireless (Wi-Fi) network for all faculty and staff of Stony Brook Medicine (East Campus, Dental School, remote clinics and offices), SB Southampton Hospital, SB Eastern Long Island Hospital, and SB Administrative Services. This provides Wi-Fi access to the internet as well as non-clinical Stony Brook resources.


You will need to use your UHMC username & password to log in with your wireless device.


There are 2 methods of connecting to SBM-Employees:


Method 1: Using SecureW2 configurator (more secure; recommended)

You can start this process from anywhere (home, off-site), but you need to be on-site to complete it.


Method 2: Using the native OS wireless utility for your device

You need to be on-site in order to use this method.

Phone: 631-444-HELP         Fax: 631-706-4539