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Wireless Networking

You will need your Stony Brook NetID and password to connect to the WolfieNet-Secure WiFi network which allows secure access to non-clinical Stony Brook resources and the Internet. (If you need clinical network access, please call the Help Desk at 631-444-HELP.)

For information on how to change your NetID password, go to

Follow the steps below:

Step #1:

Please make sure you are viewing this page from your wireless device by connecting to a WiFi network (i.e. SBMED-Guest, your home or hotspot WiFi network) or your cellular data network (i.e. Verizon LTE).

Step #2:

Please read the Network Rules section below. If you agree to them, continue to step #3.

Step #3:

Click the button below to begin configuring your wireless device.

For a flowchart / overview of the onboarding, click here.

Network Rules:

  1. You must have antivirus/antimalware installed with the latest updates;
  2. You must have the latest security patches for your operating system;
  3. Using your computer as a server or access point is prohibited;
  4. Malicious use of network tools on these wireless networks is prohibited;
  5. Attempts to circumvent security on the wireless networks are prohibited.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the revocation of wireless network privileges as well as appropriate action against such violation(s).

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Contact the SBMed Help Desk at (631) 444-HELP if you are experiencing difficulty logging in.

Phone: 631-444-HELP    dot    Fax: 631-706-4539