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Wireless Networking

There are two (2) available wireless (Wi-Fi) networks known as WolfieNet-Secure and SBM-Employees that provide access to the Internet and non-clinical Stony Brook resources. The network access for both is the same. The only difference between them is the account you will use for authentication.


How To Decide Which To Connect To:


If you travel to West Campus (University), use your NetID to connect to WolfieNet-Secure Wi-Fi network.


If you do NOT travel to the University, use your UHMC account to connect to SBM-Employees Wi-Fi network.

  • Log in with your UHMC username and password;
  • For SB Medicine, SB Administrative Services, SB clinics, SB Southampton and Eastern Long Island Hospital faculty and staff;
  • If you need to reset your UHMC password, please log in from any UHMC domain PC or call the Help Desk at (631)444-HELP
  • Click here for SBM-Employees

Contact the SBM Help Desk at (631) 444-HELP if you are experiencing difficulty logging in.

Phone: 631-444-HELP         Fax: 631-706-4539