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Network Infrastructure What we do

The Network Infrastructure Group is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the physical connections between the many systems located here at Stony Brook Medicine.  This also includes connectivity to our many remote clinics such as Tech Park.  Network infrastructure includes devices such as Hubs, Switches and Routers which are connected by copper and Fiber-Optic lines.  This equipment is located on each and every floor and buildings throughout the hospital and remote clinics.  It is these physical connections which allow a PC to access systems such as SMS, Lawson,  Email and the Internet.  Other area's supported include Dial-in Connections,  Secure VPN connections,  Wireless network access, and network Security. In addition the network is constantly monitored for performance bottle necks so that our systems remain available 24 Hrs a day, 7 Day's a week.

The Network/SNA Trans Process Group is responsible for maintaining the IBM Mainframe and connectivity to the Systems that are running on it. They are also responsible for maintaining the performance of these applications. Printing of reports thought the hospital from the SMS Invision system are also handled by this group.

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