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Software Policy

Division Official Policy Statement - The unauthorized duplication or installation of copyrighted software or documentation is a violation of the law and is contrary to established standards of conduct for Stony Brook Medicine/HSC employees. Employees who make, acquire, or use unauthorized copies of computer software or documentation will be subject to immediate discipline. No other copies of this software or its documentation can be made without the express written consent of the software publisher. The use of software obtained from any other source could present security and legal threats to the organization, and such use is strictly prohibited.

Stony Brook Medicine/HSC  reserves the right to protect its reputation and its investment in computer software by enforcing strong internal controls to prevent the making or use of unauthorized copies of software. These controls may include frequent and periodic assessments of software use, announced and unannounced audits of company computers to assure compliance, and the removal of any software found on Stony Brook Medicine/HSC’s property for which a valid license or proof of license cannot be determined could result in disciplinary action.  

It is the responsibility of each department in the Stony Brook Medicine/HSC to comply with this statement on all departmental computer equipment.  This includes the purchase of all required software and licensing.  All Department Equipment with the exception of IT Term2PC's are the responsibility of each individual department for maintenance and compliance with software licensing.

It is against Stony Brook Medicine/HSC policy to install shareware applications such as America Online & Instant Messenger.  These Applications conflict with applications used at the Stony Brook Medicine/HSC and will be removed if installed on PC’s in use at the Stony Brook Medicine/HSC.    

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