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Current Version: 3.14 The preferred Telnet/TN3270 Client application of the Stony Brook Medicine Network Services Department is McGill Software's TCP3270. There is a site license available for this product that covers most Windows operating systems. The software can be downloaded from the links below:

We have also prepared a copy of the configuration file that has been customized for the environment at Stony Brook Medicine. This file contains a profile called "UHIS" that connects to the Hospital's Mainframe computer and contains appropriate Keyboard Mappings. Please note that all of the important UHIS keys are also available on the toolbar at the top of the screen as well.


Note: This .INI is installed Automatically with the above software packages.

The following icons can be used to connect directly to the Hospital Mainframe computer from Windows 95/98 or NT4/2000. Just save the appropriate icon on you desktop, and then double-click on it whenever you want to access UHIS.

For Windows NT 3.5x, make a copy of the TN3270 Icon by clicking on it and then choosing Copy... from the File menu. Next click on the new icon and then choose Properties... from the File menu. Go to the line that says Command Line: and add the following on the end of it: -a -p uhis. This line should now read: C:\TCP3270\PROGRAMS\TN3270.EXE -a -p uhis. Then change the line that says Description: to read UHIS and click on the OK button.

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