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Three new ways to quickly reach hospital personnel:

1) Pager and Extension Phone Directory

To reach someone who has a pager simply call extension 4-3860 (from outside the hospital 444-3860) and speak the person’s first and last name into the system.  When the system recognizes the name it will give you the choice of sending that person a page or connecting you to his/her office extension.
  The benefits are:

You do not need to know the person's pager number or extension.   

You no longer need to carry around an outdated pager directory.

The Phone Directory is always up-to date.   

You no longer have to wait in queue for the next available operator.

2) Pager and Extension Web Directory

A boiled down version of our switchboard directory is available on the web: By accessing our web page, you can look up a person’s phone extension and even direct page people right from the web site.
  The benefits are:

You can direct page someone right from the web without having to wait in the queue for the next available operator.   

You can send text message to those with alpha pagers without having to go through an operator.

You can check to see if your individual, staff and department's directory information is accurate or needs updating.   

You can send corrections, updates and deletions directly to the Communications Department via e-mail right from that location.

3) On-call Web Directory

All on-call schedules registered at the switchboard are posted on the web in real time.  To view the schedules, click on the "Skip Login" button. When you get to the next page type in the first few letters of the department you want and click the "Search Button." Once you highlight the department you want you will see today's schedule. You can move through the various days of the month to identify who is on call when.
The benefits are:

You can identify and direct page the person on call right from the web site without having to wait in the queue for the next available operator.   

You can review any particular notes or instructions developed by the department.  

You can print out the schedule for the day or week.


Phone: 631-444-HELP         Fax: 631-706-4539