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Cisco Phone User Guides and FAQ's

The Department of IT Infrastructure offers telephone installation, support and voice mail services for faculty and staff.

Assistance with new Cisco phones may be obtained by contacting the Helpdesk. Create a ticket using the IT Self Service portal at and sign in with your UHMC credentials. Please use the following path: Service Catalog > Mobile & Communication > Devices > Desktop Phones & Fax


Quick Guide Manuals and Video Tutorials



Common Questions

  • How do I dial internally? (5 digit extension)

    • Dial last five digits of the number you wish to call

    • Example 631-444-4357 → 4-4357

  • How do I dial outside the hospital/clinic?

    • Domestic 1 + Area Code + Number

    • Emergency External: 911

  • How do I order additional phones?

    • Please visit the Self Service portal at:, sign in with your UHMC credentials and use the following path:

      • Request Services → Telephony → Unify/Cisco → Request new phone. A new request will be created upon completion of the ticket

  • What model phones are available and how much do they cost?

    • The following phones are available with a cost and are subject to change without notice:

      • The Cisco 8800 and 7800 series are currently being deployed, please see the quick guide and video tutorials for more information.

  • How much do the phones cost?

Item Name




Cisco UC Phone 7811



Cisco IP Phone 8851



Cisco 8832 in Charcoal with accessories for North America



Cisco IP Phone 8811 Series



8800 Series Audio KEM, 28 Button



561 Wireless Single Headset, Standard Base Station US,CA



Headset 531 Wired Single + QD RJ Headset Cable



Headset 531 Wired Single + USBA Headset Adapter



Headset 531 Wired Single + USBC Headset Adapter


Handling calls and conference calls

  • How do I transfer a call?

    • To transfer while on an active call press the "Transfer" softkey (under the screen), dial the intended party, announce the caller then when the line is picked up then press the "Transfer" button again and place the handset on the unit to complete the call.

  • How do I add another person to a call?

    • From an active call, press "Conference" then select the held call session button.

  • How do I put a call on hold?

    • Press the hold button

  • What is the difference between a call park and putting a call on hold?

    • Placing a call in park allows the call to be held and retrieved from any phone in a local system

  • How do I park a call?

    • During an active call press the soft key (under the screen) labeled "Park" *The number that was parked will appear on the screen* then place the handset on the unit.

    • To retrieve a parked call, lift the handset and dial the "Call Park" number


  • How do I setup my Voicemail?

    • Press the messages button, enter your PIN# (use the default PIN# for first time setup only) and listen to the prompts to record/change your name and/or greeting style

  • How do I check my Voicemail?

    • Internal - Press the messages button, enter your PIN#

      • From another phone - Press the messages button, Press the * Key then enter your 5-digit extension number (Ex: 4-4357) then your PIN #

    • Extermal - Dial the whole phone number (Ex: 631-444-4357) then press the * Key, Enter the 5 digit extension number, then your Pin #

The following options can be used while listening to your mail:

1 Restart

6 Fast Playback

2 Save

7 Rewind

3 Delete

8 Pause or Rewind

4 Slow playback

9 Fast Forward-End

5 Change Volume

# Skip Message


## Keep Msg. New


After listening to Messages:

1 Replay

6 Mark as New

2 Save

7 Skip Back

3 Delete

9 Msg. Properties

4 Reply

* Cancel Playing Msg

5 Forward

0 Help


Setup and Personalize your Phone

  • How do I forward calls?

    • To forward all incoming calls select a line and press the soft key (under the screen) labeled "Forward all"

    • Dial 5-digit internal extension for an internal call forward within your office or the 1 + 10 digit external phone number

    • To forward calls to voicemail select a line and press the soft key (under the screen) labeled "Forward all" then press the "Messages button.

    • To turn forwarding off press the soft key "Forward Off"

  • How do I deflect/decline a call

    • Press the softkey (under the screen) "Decline"

  • How do I adjust the volume?

    • To adjust the ringtone volume press the volume button up or down to adjust the ringer volume when the phone is not in use.

    • To adjust the volume while in a call press the volume button up or down to adjust the handset, headset or speakerphone volume when the phone is in use.

  • How do I change the Ringtone?

    • Press Applications , then Select Preferences → Ringtone. Select a line → Scroll through the list of tones available and press Play to hear a sample. Press Set and Apply  to save a selection.

Phone: 631-444-HELP         Fax: 631-706-4539