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Requirements to Obtain an IP Address

For network management purposes, the Networking and Integration Department of the Stony Brook Medicine must have certain pieces of information in our database before we assign or allow the use of an IP address.

The following is a list of the information we need for each computer attached to the Stony Brook Medicine network.

Primary User or Contact Person:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Department
  4. Voice Phone Number

Computer Location:

  1. Building
  2. Floor
  3. Room Number
  4. Local Zip

Computer Information

  1. Computer Type
    Please list both the manufacturer and model for this section (e.g.: Dell Pentium 166, Apple PowerMac 7100/80, Sun UltraSPARC 170)
  2. Preferred Computer (IP) Name
    The IP name of your computer uniquely identifies it on the Internet. It is in the format: You choose the "xxxxx" part (e.g.: monkey, primate, chimp, fluffy, ferrari, neuro-guy, aorta, comp-rm11). It should NOT be based on the user's name, initials, or login name, but the names of famous personalities are allowed (e.g.: Einstein, MaxWeber, MikeyJ, or Feynman).
  3. Hardware Address
    The hardware address of your network card is the unique hexadecimal serial number assigned to each network device to identify it on the network (e.g.: 00:40:05:12:E8:16). A correctly formatted hardware address has six (6) pairs of characters, separated by colons (:), and contains only the characters [0-9] and [A-F]. Be careful not to confuse 0 (zero) with O (letter O). For instructions on how to figure out what your hardware address is, please refer to the Hardware Address HOWTO.
  4. Jack Number
    The jack or drop number is a four digit number on the faceplate of the wall jack where the computer is plugged into the network.
  5. Network Type
    The Network Type is the name of the network your computer is physically plugged into. Please ask your computer administrator to provide you with the network name. If you do not know the network type, PLEASE CALL THE HELP DESK AT 4-HELP.

Phone: 631-444-HELP         Fax: 631-706-4539