Keep Working

Access Your Email

To access Microsoft Outlook E-mail from a PC or laptop using a browser, simply logon at the following website:


To access Microsoft Outlook E-mail from an iPhone or iPad Tablet, follow the instructions below:

UNIFY Telephone System

FAQs, Device Guides and Training for our UNIFY telephone system can be found at this link:

Want to forward your office/work phone to a home phone or cell phone

View Instructions

Connect To Your Computer

To connect to your work computer remotely follow the remote access instructions below:

  • To access a Stony Brook Medicine virtual desktop for applications such as ClairVia, Kronos or the STARS Cerner PowerChart System from a browser on your PC or laptop, follow the instructions at the link below. This will also provide access to your personal (U:) and departmental (W:) network share drives:

    *Note: First time users will need to install the Citrix Receiver or Workspace application on your PC or laptop.

  • To access your Stony Brook Medicine office PC from home, follow the instructions below on how to use Remote Desktop:

Set up Sharing of Files

If you have files you need to access remotely, you can use OneDrive to sync folders from your computer so you can access those files from your home computer (does not work for department shared folders)