Mobile Device - Policies & Procedure

Apple ID

Apple ID is not supported by SBMIT, you must seek technical assistance from Apple.Please see our FAQs on Apple IDs if you have further questions.

SBMIT issued devices should have a different Apple ID than your personal devices. It is highly recommended to make an Apple ID with your SBM email address.


Department Changes/Responsibilities
Change of departments needs to be reported to SBMIT within 3 business days of the change start date. Billing responsibility for the device is to be updated accordingly by SBMIT. Mobile devices cannot be returned unless the new department does not incur associated costs.

The department responsible for a given mobile device line is required to pay for the line for a minimum of 6 months beginning from initial device issue, regardless of department changes, return, or separation from SBUH.

Lost Devices
Lost or stolen device containing SBUH data require notification to the IT Help Desk as soon as possible, not exceeding 48 hours.

Hardware Issues / Replacements
SBMIT cannot troubleshoot hardware issues for personal devices

A replacement device cannot be provisioned unless there is a defect with the current device

Phone Calls & Text

Phone Number Changes
Phone numbers issued to Stony Brook Medicine mobile devices remain with the device.

Porting of personal numbers to a SBM-owned device, or vice versa, is strictly prohibited.

Personal SIM cards cannot, be used in SBM Devices or vice versa

Phone Data

Data Transfer
SBMIT does not support data transfer for mobile devices. Employees are responsible for syncing their own data. For iCloud sync instructions, see this link.

Phone Usage

Proper Use
SBMIT phones are to be used as a work cell phone. Personal data or applications should not be present on the device.


When do devices need to be returned?
Devices are required to be surrendered if leaving Stony Brook Medicine.

What happens when a device is returned?
When a device is returned, it is security wiped and the line of service is deactivated. Devices not returned prior to departure from SBMIT are given a 7-day grace period before the phone is wiped and disabled without warning.

Resident Returns
Resident devices and phone numbers may only be kept for use as a work phone through continued employment by Stony Brook University Hospital following completion of Residency. Upon separation from Stony Brook Medicine, users are required to return assigned phones to SBMIT.

Tickets & Appointments

Any request for assistance, hardware, or accessories requires a ticket. Tickets can be created by calling the help desk or through the TeamDynamix portal.

To learn how to request through the TeamDynamix portal, click here.


Any visit the IT office requires an appointment. Upon the creation of a ticket, a technician will contact you to schedule an appointment.