Spok Mobile

Spok enables clinicians to improve many of their daily workflows with the Spok Mobile secure texting app, which is far more than just secure texting. The enterprise version of Spok Mobile plugs smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi phones (and their users) into data, alerts, and messages not readily available on the move.

  • Integrate with existing third-party monitoring and alerting systems across the hospital
  • Create closed-loop communications with delivery confirmations and the ability to respond to or escalate messages
  • Support a wide variety of smartphones, pagers, and other devices for maximum flexibility
  • Protect sensitive patient details with encrypted, traceable messaging among doctors and other staff members

To enroll your device with Spok Mobile, please contact the Help Desk at 4-HELP (631-444-4357) and provide the number of the device you would like to have registered. Spok Mobile can be installed from Self Service on your Stony Brook Medicine issued iOS device, the Apple App Store on your personal iOS device, or the Play Store on your Android device. Once this is complete, you will receive a username and password to your Stony Brook Medicine email address.

**You will not receive any pages to your mobile device until you follow the steps listed in this link**

Tips on how to customize your Spok Mobile settings can be found here.