How do I get SPOK for my phone?

1) Call 631-444-4357 to be registered for SPOK Mobile. You will receive an email with the subject "Welcome to SPOK Mobile"
2) Download the SPOK Mobile app from the Self Service app on your work phone. If you're doing this on a personally owned device, download it from the app store.
3) Open the app and enter the username and password from the “Welcome to SPOK Mobile” email you received earlier.
4) Follow these instructions to make sure pages get sent to your phone as well as your pager

Note: Do NOT use the backslash character when sending pages from your cell phone.

Pages aren't being sent to my cell phone.

Please follow these instructions to make sure your device preferences are set properly. If it still doesn't work, call 631-444-4357

I'm not getting any notifications for SPOK on my phone.

Go to Settings -> Notifications -> SPOK Mobile and make sure Notifications and Critical Alerts are turned on