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Cerner Anesthesia


Equipment Issue (anesthesia machine): User can contact BME

Application Issues: Sent to Cerner Application Management Service group

Cerner Anesthesia can be warm transferred to First Response team using SDM Area: Cerner.Anesthesia.

Due to the highly critical nature of Anesthesia EMR (Cerner) hardware and software related issues, we are instituting the following workflow to address calls:

1.       BME Department is going to be instituting daily rounding in the OR and ASC prior to these areas seeing patients.  The BME technician in the area will be going into every OR and confirm that all the BMDI equipment is on, plugged in and ready for use. If there are any issues they cannot take care of they will be calling the Peri-Op/Women’s Health team immediately.

2.       When a user from Anesthesia (Physician, NP or Anesthesia Tech) calls the Help Desk with a clinical issue related to the Anesthesia EMR hardware or software, we will open a ticket based on the following:

Locations: Hospital Operating Rooms, ASC Operating Rooms (ANESTHESIA RELATED CLINICAL AREAS)
-          Anesthesia EMR Biomedical Hardware issues – Should be referred to BME Department and SDM Ticket assigned to Cerner Application Management Service group.  After normal business hours, contact ADN.
-          Computer Hardware issues – Should be referred to Client Support via SDM Ticket.
-          Anesthesia EMR Application issues – Warm transfer to Cerner First Response and SDM Ticket assigned to Cerner Peri-Op/Women’s Health.  If the ticket is kicked back by Cerner First Response, contact Cerner App Specialist on-call for immediate patient care issues. 

After opening a ticket, Help Desk tech will send a broadcast E-mail out to the Outlook group SBMIT Operating Room Alert. 

The E-mail should include all necessary details about the issue and which team is assigned.  This will alert a multi-disciplinary team (BME, Client Support, Cerner Application Specialist, Help Desk) that an issue has been called in.




Cerner - Begin App Failed

Users Cerner account may be expired or they may be listed under the wrong position. To correct this problem send a ticket to Identity & Account Mangement Team.





Cerner - Bridge Medical Human Milk

This application allows for positive patient identification through barcode scanning of human milk, specialty formula and future implementation of donor milk administration.

Used in Nursing Units 05EA, 05EP, 06EP, 05OB, 05NN, 11N, 11S1 & 11S2  

Users with issues can be warm transferred to Cerner.

Below are some common issues:

  • Users do not have access to Bridge Medical.

  • Users cannot print labels for baby when scanning mother's wristband.

Incident / Request Area: Cerner.BBM (Bridge Medical Human Milk)

SDM Group: Cerner Application Management Service

  • User gets a pop-up "add to favorites" - Send to Client Support- the barcode scanner needs to be re-programmed.

  • Zebra label printer is not printing correctly. - Send to Client Support





CareAware Connect Smartphones / CareView Tracking Boards
& AlertLink Support Model

These solutions are now eligible for Send to Cerner via Cerner First Response

  • Password issues – SBM Help Desk staff will attempt to troubleshoot and resolve.

  • Isolated CareAware Smartphone or Connect/Inpatient App issues
        - A ticket will be opened using Incident Area: Cerner.CareAwareConnect.
        - This Incident Area will auto assign to the Cerner Application Management Service group in SDM.
        - Please obtain the CareAware Connect smartphone's ID from the back of the phone. (Format: CAC-####)

  • Isolated CareAware AlertLink application issues:
        - A ticket will be opened using the Incident Area: Cerner.AlertLink.
        - This Incident Area will auto assign to the Cerner Application Management Service group in SDM.

  • Isolated CareView Patient Tracking Board application issues:
        - A ticket will be opened using the Incident Area: Cerner.CareView.
        - This Incident Area will auto-assign to the Cerner Registration group in SDM.
        - Please obtain the CareView Board ID from the user. (Format: UHMC-CV-ABC###).

  • Widespread CareAware Connect/Connect Inpatient/CareView application issues:
        - Help Desk staff will contact Cerner IRC and open a SR
        - Notification will be made to SBM Cerner Application Specialist on-call to coordinate resolution.

We can unlock a user's account from the following website, using our PowerChart logon:

Unlock Procedure:


CareView Tracking Board Reset




Cerner Eligibility Engine

Incident Area: Cerner.Registration
Group: Cerner Registration

Medicare Down

Issues about Cerner Eligibility Engine not working must be Sent to Cerner.




Cerner Enhanced Dispensing (CED)

Cerner Enhanced Dispensing (CED) is not a mission critical functionality and the project team including Pharmacy does not believe overnight/off-hours on-call support is necessary.  If users have an issue with the Cerner Enhanced Dispensing MPage not working they should call the Help Desk and open a ticket which can be addressed during normal business hours.  The clinical workflow at that point for the user is to go the Pyxis Med Stations and obtain their medications manually.

Support Workflow:

The Help Desk should open a PROBLEM ticket and Send to Cerner.
Cerner First Response will route ticket to Cerner AMS for troubleshooting, but SBM Cerner AS or Pharmacy IT on-call should NOT be paged.

SDM Incident/Request Area: Cerner.Enhanced Dispensing
SDM Group: Cerner PowerChart Application Specialist

  • During normal business hours (Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM): The tickets will be followed up and/or addressed by our SBM Cerner App Specialist (AS) team and Pharmacy IT.   SBM Cerner AS will coordinate resolution between Cerner iBus, Carefusion and Pharmacy as needed until issue is resolved.

  •  During OFF Hours/Weekends/Holidays: Help Desk will open a ticket, warm transfer the end user and send ticket to Cerner for routing to Cerner AMS.  Cerner AMS will troubleshoot and route to Direct Care if needed.  Cerner can call the end user back if needed.  If issue is not resolved see bullet above, our SBM Cerner AS will address during normal business hours.

  •  SBM Cerner AS will work with Pharmacy and Carefusion if issues are not on Cerner/iBus side. 




Cerner Champions

Champion List




Community Physician Portal

Cerner MPages Reach Portal

The Community Physician Portal is a Hospital initiative to enable Physicians and
their staff in the surrounding community to have access to and use our Clinical Resources.

For many years, we have been giving Community Doctors & Staff access to our UHMC Domain
and Cerner PowerChart just like a Physician who works for us, for lack of a better solution. 

Now we have a solution that limits Community Doctors and Staff to just their patients at Stony Brook Medicine.  This solution is called Cerner Mpage Reach and it is accessed from the Internet at a website setup just for these individuals. 

Reset user's password via HNA User Tool - User Maintenance
When resetting password for Mpage, do NOT include any special characters. A simple abc123 will work for Cerner (Mpage), if they are using AD pass-through (LDAP) then UHMC AD password must be reset.

Community Physician Portal Guide:

Stony Brook Medicine Community Doctors Form:

We can unlock a user's account from the following website, using our PowerChart logon:

Unlock Procedure:




Cerner - CPOE

Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)

This module will enable patient care providers to enter orders in PowerChart by using order sentences, order sets and Powerplans.




Cerner - Customize List & Insert Columns





Cerner DIRECT Secure E-mail Messaging Request

DIRECT messaging is a method of secure E-mail messaging between external providers and internal Stony Brook Medicine providers via Message Center in the STARS Cerner PowerChart System.

Any incidents related to DIRECT Secure Messaging in the Cerner system should be assigned to the Cerner PowerChart Application Specialist group.

Requests should be submitted via the Computer Account Request System.

Computer Account Request System




Cerner - eMAR - Electronic Medication Administration Record

eMAR enables patient care providers to document medications and to view past, pending and scheduled medications in PowerChart.

How to check for the eMAR Data File:

How to check for the PMP Data File:

Downtime eMAR Printing Procedure:

The "eMAR/PMP File" sheet used to record that the file was checked, can be downloaded HERE

The "Paper MAR Pick-Up Sheet" used to record who picks up the MAR during a downtime, can be downloaded HERE




Cerner - Emergency Support Access Procedure




Cerner Enterprise Wide Scheduling (EWS)

Basic EWS Instructions

User must be in the Active Directory group Cerner EWS.

Application Problems: Assign a ticket to the Cerner Powerchart Application Specialist group.

**Please Note** For Cerner EWS the user will have a separate account in Cerner with a position as Scheduler. If user is missing a book in EWS, then a ticket can be assigned to Information Security.

If user does not have an account, it must be requested through Computer Account Request system:




CernerWorks (PowerWorks) or Little Cerner

Obtaining accounts is by contacting: Kelly Fontana and Lauren Marshall at SBAS.

Technical support can be obtained by calling Cerner Support: 800-277-7330 Client ID: 77749

The logon page to Cerner PowerWorks is this one:




Cerner - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs:




FetaLink - Cerner BMDI

FetaLink is a maternal and fetal monitoring system that documents and provides a visual display of the relationship between fetal heart rates and maternal labor contractions.

Username / Password: Same as Cerner Millennium Credentials

However, the user will not be prompted for a password change through FetaLink application. 

The password must be set to a fixed password in another Cerner Application (PowerChart, SurgiNet, FirstNet, Capacity Management) before it can be used in FetaLink application.


FetaLink Issues Guide for Help Desk


FetaLink System Support

1. Isolated issues related to the FetaLink application or equipment used with the FetaLink System should have a high priority SDM Ticket opened to our Cerner Application Management Service with the Incident Area Cerner.Fetalink.

2. After ticket is opened, the user should be Warm Transferred to Cerner First Response and the ticket "Sent To Cerner". Help Desk Technician should confirm that ticket interfaces properly.


Fetalink Application Issues or Possible Error Messages Received:

 Application does not launch
 User is unable to log in
 Episode will not finalize
 Time out of sync
 Black lines display across strip
 JVM Terminated error message displays
 Downtime Mode dialog box displays
 Archiving in Progress
 Connection could not be established error message displays
 Service returned an error status error message displays
 Selected group does not contain any barcode formats warning message displays
 Barcode is scanned and no action occurs
 Barcode format not recognized
 Barcode format is ambiguous
 This device is either not connected or powered off
 No patients or too many patients error message displays
 EMR association failed error message displays

Fetalink Hardware Issues (BioMed Engineering Request)

If the actual fetal monitor cannot be turned on or used then a Biomedical Engineering request should be submitted by the user by contacting Biomed Department at 444-1420.


FetaLink System Support For Performance Issues or Downtime

  A. Reports of users having wide spread issues with the FetaLink application and/or Fetal Monitor Hardware should have a high priority SDM Ticket opened that will be assigned to our Cerner Application Management Service group and use the Incident Area Cerner.FetaLink, it will then be “Sent to Cerner.”

        All required fields should be completed in the SDM Ticket and Help Desk technician should confirm the ticket interfaces to Cerner Support. Standard downtime notification procedures should be followed (E-mail, Notification to ADN, IT-Admin on-call….etc)

  B. Help Desk contacts or pages the on-call staff from BME, Networking and Cerner Application Specialist teams and provide them with the bridge line information below. All groups will join the conference call and troubleshoot issue. If necessary, Cerner IRC will be contacted to join the FetaLink Bridge Line.


Help Desk contacts or pages the on-call staff from BME, Networking and Cerner Application Specialist teams and provide them with the bridge line information below.

All groups will join the conference call and troubleshoot issue. If necessary, Cerner IRC will be contacted to join the FetaLink Bridge Line.

1. Help Desk starts the FetaLink Bridge Line using the Leader PIN below.

Toll-free dial-in number:
(866) 394-2346

Conference code:

Leader PIN:




Cerner FirstNet

Cerner FirstNet is used for registering, tracking patients and patient discharges instruction and education.

For application issues: Tickets can be assigned to the group "Cerner Powerchart Application Specialists".
Note: please use "Cerner.FirstNet" as the “Request Area”.

User must be a member of Cerner FirstNet group in Active Directory and have a FirstNet position in Cerner (All positions start with: P3 ).
If user needs access to FirstNet, their supervisor must submit a Computer Account Request Form.

If a user who usually works on a regular floor is working at the ED, the user must first change their position on MyExperience which can be found on Powerchart -> View menu.

Patient Education Discharge Instruction User Guide:

FirstNet: Provider Quick Reference Guide:

FirstNet RN Quick Reference Guide:




Cerner - House-Wide Depart (HWD)

Solution for discharge instructions, follow up appointments and patient education at the time of discharge.




Cerner - Immunizations Supply Chain

This solution pertains to both the bulk scanning of vaccines/immunizations and the administration of vaccines/immunizations at patient bedside.

Affected areas - Ambulatory Clinics (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN) and ALL inpatient Nursing Units (including Cancer Center)

Incident/Request Area: Cerner.Immunization Supply Chain
(Will auto-assign to group below.)

Group: Cerner Application Management Service

Do NOT warm transfer to First Response until further notice.




Cerner - Implants Supply Chain

This solution allows office managers to scan the Implants to the Inventory Management Worklist MPage. It will display a real-time Implants inventory allowing you to track the inventory, when quantities are low and when to reorder & calculate average daily usage.

Affected areas - OR, ASC, Endoscopy, Special Procedures, Cath Lab and EP Lab

Incident/Request Area: Cerner.Implants Supply Chain
(Will auto-assign to group below.)

Group: Cerner Application Management Service

Do NOT warm transfer to First Response until further notice.




Cerner - Interdisciplinary Plan of Care (IPOC)

This solution provides a centralized place to manage patient goals and interventions and progress towards goals. The IPOC involves the entire care team and should be reviewed, updated and modified as patient’s conditions change, interventions are delivered, and when the patient has progressed to their next level of care.

Affected areas - ALL inpatient Nursing Units

Incident/Request Area: Cerner.IPOC
(Will auto-assign to group below.)

Group: Cerner Application Management Service

Do NOT warm transfer to First Response until further notice.




Cerner - LDAP Procedure




Cerner Learning Manager

CLM is now being used to register for classroom training sessions (i.e. CPOE, eMAR, Enhanced View etc.) and to complete web-based training modules.


Information for Help Desk Staff

Initial Username and Password: Stony Brook ID#

CLM - Help Desk Users Guide / Changing a Users Role:


Information for Users

Please direct course registration questions to 444-6952.

Registration Instructions:

User’s Instructions:




Cerner RHO

Remote Hosting of Cerner

Cerner HNA User Tool - RHO

Cerner Open View - RHO

Cerner Discern - RHO

Cerner Management Console - RHO

Cerner Printer Queues - RHO

Please try the following steps next time you receive calls for hang-up on logins – step #1 needs to be done as soon as the calls come in to help us determine if the issue is related to the web interface servers or no.  Step#2 will rule out if this is network or DB related as anyone on system would be hanging, having issues:

1).  Can you launch Powerchart or FirstNet from one of our web pages (outside of your Web Interface) – please try ahead of time to make sure you don’t have any issues:
2).  Are users who are already logged into the system working okay?
3).  Does this only occur when trying to launch through SSO?
4).  If there is an error, can we get screenshot of error?
5).  If you are able to reproduce, what Citrix server are you using?
6).  Does this happen every time or is it sporadic?
7).  Is this happening for every application, or just Powerchart/FirstNet?



Cerner Roomlink

User reporting an issue with Cerner Room link panel outside room.  Physician inadvertently ordered a respiratory viral panel on patient and the room link panel displayed a yellow warning for precautions.  However, when this order was removed, the panel did not go back to normal, it still has yellow precaution.

Provide the following:

  1. Location including room no.
  2. Patient MRN
  3. Phone number of user

Send Cherwell ticket to Cerner PowerChart App Specialist



Cerner - Medical Records Publishing

This module prints a legal copy of the electronic medical record. It will be used in the Medical Records Department.

The only MRP issues that are to be called in to Cerner AMS directly by the Help Desk are those related to Greek printing.

Please follow the procedure outlined below to contact Cerner AMS in the event that a user calls and cannot print from MRP:

Cerner AMS can be reached at 1-866-221-8877, then pressing Option 2, followed by Option 6.

When calling Cerner AMS; please try to get the following info from the user:

1. What kind of charts?

2. Charts IDs.

3. How many charts?

4. Printer ID

If we are not able to resolve the issue by contacting Cerner and the user still cannot print, confirm that the printer is not experiencing any hardware issues by sending a test page.

If both these options do not resolve the issue, contact our Cerner Application Specialist.

Please open a ticket to the Cerner PowerChart Application specialist in all cases, so that we can track this problem.




Cerner Application Programmer On-Call

Contact: John Delahunty (444-4615) or Matt O'Connor (444-4009) during normal business hours M - F 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.

After Hours, refer to IT On-call for the group:




Cerner Panther

Used to stop and start Cerner Chart and Spooling Servers





Cerner PharmNet

Pharmacist Guide:

Technician Guide:




Cerner Powerchart

If a user working on a different unit (e.g. usually works for ED but is now working on a regular floor) calls that they have a different view, check to see if the correct position is selected on MyExperience which can be found by logging on to Powerchart -> View.

Users Guide




Cerner Powerchart Touch (iOS app)



Cerner Printer Information

Cerner Printer List

Certified Cerner Printers List:


Password: helpdesk1234




Cerner Printing Issues

For users having a problem printing orders in Powerchart, send a ticket to the Cerner Powerchart Application Specialist.

For users having a problem printing results, i.e. Lab results, Radiology results, in Powerchart, send a ticket to Client Support. Results are Windows based printing.

**Please make sure to get IP Address of the printer and PC**

If a user cannot print in PowerChart because they can only see Image Writer, see the link below:




Cerner Printer Queues




Cerner - Save As

If a "Save As" window appears after clicking on a Cerner Application, the problem is often resolved by reinstalling the Citrix ICA Web Client.

The download can be found at However, some users may not be able to download and install files to their computer. If that is the case, open a ticket to have the ICA Web Client reinstalled on the computer.




Cerner - "STARSMobile" (obsolete - See Cerner Mobile Apps)

"STARSMobile" is now available on handheld devices:

Patient results from the Cerner System are now available for viewing on handheld devices; BlackBerrys, Android Devices, iPhones, iPads and more.

Users should visit the STARSMobile website at the link below on the handheld device and log in with their Cerner credentials. Physicians can have the results of their patients anytime/anywhere.


Below is a reference guide link for the new website:





Cerner Surginet

The Electronic Medical Record view for providers working in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or Operating Room.  This application is part of PowerChart.

User must be in Cerner Surginet group in Active Directory and will be given a position starting with SN.

If user needs access their supervisor must submit a Computer Account Request Form.

Surginet Quick Reference Guide

Surginet Case Tracking Info

IntraOp Nursing Record

PeriOperative Forms

Pre-PostOp Nursing Forms




Cerner - Training Videos

Provider Videos:



Cerner - Unlocking a Patient Record

Click Here for Instructions




Cerner - Verbal Orders

Click Here for Instructions




Cerner Vital Signs Monitor Troubleshooting

Cerner BMDI Patient Vitals Machines

Vital Signs Device Types

GE Solar (CareScape Gateway) or Welch Allyn (VitalsLink) (Not the same system)




Cerner - WQM


CDI Work Queue Manager (WQM) is a “bolt on” Cerner solution that eliminates paper faxes from exiting a fax machine. It is an integrated imaging solution that supports the electronic transmission of paper faxes by digitally entering them directly into the Cerner Millennium System. This solution is mostly used in the HIM department and Ambulatory Clinic locations.

Work Queue Manager is supported by the SBMIT Eclipsys Team.

When we receive a call that the Work Queue Manager is encountering a problem, open a high priority ticket with the Incident Area Cerner.Scanning and assign the ticket to the Eclipsys Team.

In the off-hours/days, the Eclipsys on-call rotation must be paged and notified immediately.

The Eclipsys team will look into the issue and determine necessary steps including Downtime Notifications/Emails. Since we are migrating many ambulatory locations to the VOIP solutions, problems with WQM may require contacting the Network Services VOIP/Telecommunications on-call staff for assistance.

Phone: 631-444-HELP    dot    Fax: 631-706-4539